Invisalign in Calgary

At Orijin Integrated Dentistry in Calgary, our dentists use Invisalign® orthodontic treatment to gradually shift your teeth into a straighter smile.

Invisalign braces Calgary Dentist

What is Invisalign®?

Invisalign® uses clear aligners to shift teeth to a desired position. You will be provided with customized treatment trays that are replaced every two weeks. Your dentist will monitor your progress with visits every 6 weeks.

Invisalign® in Calgary: The Benefits

  • Aligners are made from a clear plastic, and fit over your teeth
  • During your Invisalign® treatment, you are able to enjoy your favourite foods!
  • To maintain your oral health, just remove the aligners to clean your teeth and place them back in when you are done eating
  • Invisalign® treatment can be treatment option for both teens and adults in appropriate cases 
  • Invisalign® treatment can be completed in as little as 8 months, however, indivusal times may vary. 
  • After your Invisalign® treatment a retainer may be necessary to maintain your new smile

Some of the benefits of properly aligned teeth may include:

  • Easier maintenance (brushing, flossing, cleaning)
  • Less wear and tear on the teeth over time (if the teeth are aligned properly, then each tooth is going to help share the load of biting and chewing)
  • Less dental work required in the future
  • A comfortable bite and relaxed jaw, meaning there is less pressure on the jaw joint, teeth, gums and supporting structures, as well as your head and neck muscles
  • A more sesthetic looking smile 
  • Strength and longevity

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