Orijin Integrated Dentistry in Calgary

Whether you have only been in the neighbourhood for a few weeks, or are a long-time Calgary resident, if you are looking for a dentist we would be honoured to be considered your dental professionals. 

Our dental office is devoted to providing a comfortable dental experience. Dr. Young and Dr.  Oommen will work with our dental hygienists and support staff to provide you with options in your dental care. Whether you visit us to get a filling for a cavity or want to bring your whole family in for a cleaning, consider Orijin your home for dental care.

The team at Orijin Integrated Dentistry believes that your oral and dental health can have a major impact on your overall health. That’s why our primary goal is to examine the relationship between your oral health and the rest of your body, focusing on overall harmony – not just your teeth.

We believe in approaching each patient with ‘Metta’ (Pali: unconditional loving kindness). - Dr. Craig Young

At Orijin Integrated Dentistry in Calgary, you & your dental health are one.

The experienced dentists and dental staff at Orijin believe that you cannot separate one part of the body from the whole – everything is connected.

Orijin Integrated Dentistry, Calgary

As we consider the relationship between your oral health and the rest of your body, we look beyond the condition of your teeth to your overall health.

It's a conversation between our team and our patients that leads to increased overall well-being. With the goal of overall health in mind, we do our best to communicate and work with your network of healthcare professionals, and are dedicated to improving your mind, body, spirit and smile.

We encourage all of our patients to actively participate in managing their dental care. That’s why we’ll always communicate with patients in clear, straightforward language – so that they can participate in their personalized treatment plan, and feel comfortable about it.

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Orijin Integrated Dentistry is centrally located in downtown Calgary.

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Looking for a dentist in Calgary? All of our comprehensive services are provided by General Dentists. We look forward to meeting you!

All services provided by general dentists: Dr. Young and Dr. Oommen

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