General Dentistry

From oral hygiene and gum disease control to inflammation treatments and more, you’ll find a wide range of General Dentistry treatment options available to you at Orijin Integrated Dentistry in Southwest Calgary.

While we’ve highlighted a number of our services here, we invite you to request an appointment for more information or if there is a specific dental service you require. Request Appointment

  • Crowns

    We want your smile look as natural as possible. We can help reduce discomfort caused by a broken or damaged tooth by placing a crown or cap around your chipped or weakened tooth.
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  • Inflammation

    Inflammation is the root cause of many chronic diseases of our population. Periodontal Disease creates a stress on the entire body including the immune system.
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  • Oral Hygiene - Cleanings

    Maintaining good oral hygiene is one of the most important things you can do for your teeth and gums.Your hygienist is your first line of defense for cavity detection and will work with your dentist to ensure proper treatment for your smile.
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  • Amalgam-Free Fillings

    To fix your teeth, we use bonded fillings made of a composite resin. This material is similar in colour to your teeth, rather than traditional silver coloured amalgam fillings.
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  • Periodontal Disease

    Did you know that Periodontal Disease is the most common disease in the world, and the leading cause of tooth loss in adults?
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    For some people, oral pain comes as the result of tooth decay or gum disease. But for many others, jaw problems, in the form of TMD, can be the source of significant discomfort.
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