Whole-Body Wellness

Here at Orijin Integrated Dentistry, we look at your oral health in the context of your overall health. That's why whole-body wellness is such an important part of our practice.

Wellness Services at Orijin Integrated Dentistry, Calgary

An Inclusive Wellness Philosophy

Communication among your health care practitioners is important, because it ensures that they are all on the same page.

We need to be aware of who you are working with, what they are working on, and how they are working on it, so that we can treat you accordingly. This helps to avoid conflicting or duplicating treatments.

For example, some of the medications your MD prescribes for you may conflict with or be duplicated by a herb or nutritional supplement your TCM doctor or Naturopath prescribes. This can result in side effects or overdoses.

The same goes for your oral health. That's why we make sure to take the health of your whole body, as well as the details of your overall health care, into consideration before taking steps to treat your oral health conditions.

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